Ordo group

SYNERGY in the ORDO Group of Companies is achieved through the diversification of assets and types of activities, enabling us to set up highly skilled teams by segmenting the market for services. 

CONVERGENCE within the Group makes it possible to find the most efficient solutions for our Clients. 

  • We live in Latvia and we love our country. 
  • We want to keep the conditions for the inflow of foreign capital to Latvia at a high level, thus promoting the development of the economy of the country. 
  • Reputation is one of the core values of the ORDO Group. 
  • We are not seeking universal solutions, nor creating products ‘for the masses’. We create a specially tailored solution for our Client’s business. 
  • Our team incorporates the best professionals with long-term international experience and high achievements. 
  • We are ready to create a comfortable environment, to manage efficiently and find financial solutions for our Client’s business, taking into account the particular mind sets and traditions of Western and Eastern countries. 

  • The founders of the company have 12-years’ experience on the field of service provision in the real estate market of Latvia. 
  • The leading position in the market for elite real estate (2013) in Latvia. 
  • One of the most well-known brands. 
  • ORDO AGENCY is a certified member of the Latvian Real-Estate Agency LANĪDA and the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI. 
  • The Company provides the support of proven partners – industry leaders in the field of construction, reconstruction and interior design, enabling to offer a full- range of services to our clients. 
  • ORDO AGENCY offers a full-range of services in closing sale-purchase transactions of real estate objects and the associated RESIDENCE PERMIT in the country (in Latvia) belonging to the Schengen Agreement Area. 
  • The Company has representative offices in Moscow and Geneva. 

  • ORDO GROUP – is a connecting structure of global business of groups’ ORDO companies.
  • ORDO GROUP actively working with Russian and foreign clients in Moscow – one of the world business capitals, where performing full cycle of works and services, that are connected with purchase, servicing and managing real estate property and all segments of investment projects.
  • ORDO GROUP works with new tendencies and technologies, implementing new standards of industry and customer service.
  • Companies’ strategy - connecting all possible groups of companies, we are finding and implementing new market segments’ potential on Russian territory and another countries, real estate development products and formats.
  • Besides realising and operating own projects of ORDO companies in the Russian Federation and CIS countries, we are actively participating in the process of development new innovative products that are allowing with maximum efficiency and professionalism to ensure customers' and brokers requests in real estate and investments.
  • ORDO GROUP – innovations in real estate up to date.

  • The total volume of assets as on 2013 is estimated to be about 100 million EURO. 
  • The assets of the ORDO Group are concentrated in: 
♦ Residential/ commercial real estate 
♦ Media assets 
  • All assets have high yield assets with potential for development. 

  • The identification of potentially attractive objects for future development is made on the basis of internal expert opinion. 
  • Distressed assets are subject to immediate revaluation according to the parameters of location, efficiency of the management, efficiency of financial solutions and optimisation of the operational activity. 
  • We are highly interested in finding conceptual solutions for: 
♦ Hotel and restaurant business objects 
♦ Objects in the field of medical tourism 
♦ Objects in the field of office/commercial real estate 
♦ Objects in the field of residential real estate 

  • Partners of the company have 10-years’ experience in leading positions on the field of corporate finance in Latvia, Russia, Luxembourg and Great Britain. 
  • Professional experience covers the projects with the total sum of assets under control comprising about 2 billion EUR and the total volume of transactions during the last 5 years comprising about 7 billion EUR. 
  • ORDO CAPITAL company provides the following services: 
♦ Creation of investment funds and management companies, and 
♦ Investment consulting in commercial real estate 
  • Investments planned for Latvia during the next 5 years are amounted by 300 Million EUR. 
  • Active within attraction of different financial vehicles including EU structural funds and government subsidies. 

  • OPTIMA FIDE is the first company in Latvia providing concierge services typical for the people with high levels of income. 
  • The partners of the company are reputable public persons in Latvia. 
  • OPTIMA FIDE cares for creation of comfortable external environment for foreign citizens staying in Latvia. OPTIMA FIDE – your guide in solving the issues of everyday life in Latvia. 
  • Our core competence includes: 
♦ Provision of the management company services for your real estate 
♦ Services related to the solution of household issues 
♦ Organisation of medical tourism related environment 
♦ Organisation of cultural pastime activities 
♦ Organisation of individual travel 
  • We consider your private time valuable and keep your private space confidential. 

  • Positioning is one of the key components of success on the local market. 
  • ORDO MEDIA applies for the experience of the best professional PR teams and marketing agencies for creation the best advertising product a successful development strategy. 
  • ORDO MEDIA has the applicable knowledge for brand creation and development of the full package of marketing events. 
  • ORDO MEDIA has the unique experience in organization of the following events: 
♦ Corporate events 
♦ Private festive occasions 
♦ Sport events 
♦ Charitable campaigns 
  • ORDO MEDIA will help to carry out a media audit and develop the most suitable media strategy.
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